While I’d like to believe charm, good looks or wit have anything to do with the recent interviews I’ve done regarding my participation in the upcoming Hawaii Ironman (as it most certainly isn’t my athletic prowess), realist that I am, I think it’s clear a more likely explanation exists. Still, while strange to read a story about yourself, it is flattering to have been selected at all. The first interview was with Ironman.com and the second was with the Ann Arbor News. My most recent appearance is on the blog for Garmin (formerly MotionBased), MBlog. I had also originally taped an interview with a local NBC news affiliate, but between Stephen Grant confessing to killing his wife and the Red Wings starting their bid for the Stanley Cup, my story somehow managed to get passed over. So do articles count against one’s alloted fifteen minutes of fame? And if so, how much time is subtracted?