Totals for this week: 17 hours 20 minutes
Swimming: 4:40 (7.9 miles)
Cycling: 7:04 (143 miles)
Running: 5:36 (37.1 miles)

Highlighted Activity:
Location: Plymouth, Michigan
Activity: Road Cycling, Brick
Distance: 70.89 (mi)
First attempt at a race sim brick. Bike went well (although stopped to assist a stranded rider–whom I unfortunately was ultimately unable to help–with a flat), and in the following run I completely exploded. High temps, limited shade and high humidity good for simulating Kona to a degree. Expect to be faster, but cycling is progressing nicely. Will need to figure out where I went wrong in the run though: fitness? nutrition? hydration? Hopefully this summer will remain sunny, hot and humid enough for me to get it right.
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This week was a little disappointing as I missed the long bike ride on Sunday which is a critical part of my training, but Father’s Day commitments and others got in the way. Always feel a little guilty missing out on some good training opportunities, but part of achieving the balance necessary to meet long term training goals means missing out on some workouts when other areas of your life demand attention. Fortunately I also hit it pretty hard in the earlier stages of the week and my total training volume was not too adversely affected.

My training digest:

My nutrition digest: